PREDL universal manhole
GRP universal manhole in accordance with DIN 19565 DN 1000/1200/1500/2000 und DIN EN 476
    Manholes for waste water channels laid in earth, circular layout, Predl system, consisting of:
  • Concrete manhole base as pre-fabricated component in accordance with DIN 4034 T 1 with PRFG/PP manhole shell, concrete clad at factory, including 2 bushes with jointed connection of the pipes in the manhole wall
  • Channels at crown height, linear
    Incline according to plan, tilt of the entry surfaces 1:20
    Additional inflows as well as dimension change in channels, executed in each case either at sole or crown height according to plan, including sealant rings/insert bushes/integrated seals for pipes to be connected,
    Checked by the authorities and approved by the IFBT
  • Laminated PRFG coupling manhole base - PRFG manhole pipe
  • PRFG manhole pipe SN 10 000 for SLW 60
  • Concrete cover panel for SLW 60 with underside PRFG inliner and laminated PRFG coupling,
    with an off-centred opening 625 mm
  • Including single arm retractable access ladder with access aid, material: stainless steel V4A 1.4571

Construction height in each case is sole-height outflow channels to the top edge (OK) of the cover panel