Hollow brick assembly ceilings for conversions and renovations
Technical data
  • Maximum pillar width: 5800 mm
  • Maximum clear span: 5700 mm
  • Beam intervals: 625 mm
  • Pipe ceiling thickness: 200/250 mm

Hollow brick assembly ceiling

The hollow brick assembly ceiling consists of circa 5 cm high concrete cantilevers with lattice girders concreted in, ceiling stones and a 5 cm high compressed concrete layer. The hollow brick assembly ceiling is available in two versions: in the single lined version the ceiling cantilevers and the ceiling stone form an even sub-layer, which generally remains unplastered which is why the single lined method of construction is used predominantly for cellar ceilings. In the double lined version an additional suspended ceiling is secured to the wooden beam attached to the ceiling cantilever. This method of construction provides better heat and sound insulation and can be designed in an optically interesting way. The hollow brick assembly ceiling is used especially in hard to access structures as, due to its low weight, it can be layed by hand. So no technical difficulties arise when using please take note of the following details.

Information for laying
  • The cantilevers are layed directly onto the brickwork. The position of the first cantilever and the direction of laying can be found in the layout plan.
  • Inserting the ceiling stones on the cantilever bedding determines the distance of the cantilevers of 62.5 cm.
  • Before further laying of the ceiling stones the cantilevers are to be supported. As support brace it is best to use squared timber bedded on steel supports. The distances between the support braces are given in the layout plan: in each case 1.32 m.
  • The ceiling stones are to be layed crossways to the direction of tension over the whole width of the ceiling. Before concreting the ceiling stones must be moistened.
  • The ceiling stones are layed on the wall on the one side and on the first cantilever on the other side. The bedding on the brickwork should be at least 2.5 cm.
  • If an end panel is smaller than the width of the ceiling stones then it can be layed out with negative panels which can be adapted to the right size.

  • Hollow brick assembly ceiling
  • Single layered ceiling cantilever
  • Double layered ceiling cantilever
Hollow brick assembly ceiling: ceiling stone
Ceiling stone: h = 150 – 200 mm (concrete with higher compression resistance)
Hollow brick assembly ceiling: negative stone
Negative stone: for laying ends, completely solid strips, cross ribs (cannot be walked on)
Hollow brick assembly ceiling: laying start
Laying start
Hollow brick assembly ceiling: laying end
Laying end