PERFECT manhole
PERFECT manhole data sheet
The revolution in the production of concrete manhole bases: individual, quick and economical

With PERFECT an intelligent solution was developed which enables the production of concrete manhole bases in one pour and every practical channel configuration.

  • The construction component manufactured in one pour guarantees the quality of the manhole and absolute fitting accuracy of the pipe connections.
  • When using integrated seals, inserting the loose seals supplied on the construction site is no longer necessary. In this case completely tight and lasting connections of pipe and manhole base are ensured.
  • The speedy and secure connection of all relevant pipe types is made easier by the accurately fitting execution of tilt and angle of the pipe connection. Even after decades in use the connections remain tight as the seals have not been unduly loaded from the start and consequently can fulfil their main function – sealing the connection.
  • Through the seamless adaptation of the angling and tilt of all feeds, the flow behaviour in the whole channel network is optimized.
  • PERFECT manhole bases are ideally suited to usage in rain or waste water channels due to their high resistance to waste water. They correspond to the relevant European and national norms (EN 1917, DIN EN 1917, DIN V 4034-1)
  • In the case of increased demands regarding durability in the field of waste water, PERFECT manhole bases can be manufactured in high performance concrete.
  • Alongside the high level of resistance to chemical attack, concrete manhole bases manufactured in one pour display excellent scientifically tested characteristics relating to compression strength, frost and de-icing salt resistance and friction resistance.
  • Great importance is placed on ergonomics and safety in the production and deployment of PERFECT manhole bases. In production strenuous manual tasks are carried out using industrial production technology. In use on the construction site integrated displacement anchors ensure safe handling.

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